Sails Restaurant & Bar

Function Menus


Sample 3-course Menu

* our dish selector means you can personalise this example menu to your taste


Beef Kebabs
Peppered kebabs over pear and rocket leaft salad with blue vein cheese dressing

Zesty Prawn Cocktail
Tomato, lemon, prawns, parsley, pawpaw, fresh light and tasty

Ika Mata
Yellow-fin Tuna marinated in coconut cream & fresh lime, traditional favourite


Muri Renga Curry
Rarotongan tumeric spiced curry with potato, chicken, coconut cream, poppadom, yoghurt raita, kai nave chutney

Ocean Strike Catch
Pan fried and served with roast vegetables & today’s mash with chef’s Hollandaise

Braised Lamb Shanks
With forrest mushrooms, slow cooked in red wine jus over maniota croquettes


Rich Chocolate Brownie  with vanilla ice-cream Berry compote and Fudge Sauce

Sails Cheescake -Cheesecake of the day with fresh seasonal fruit & whipped cream

Coconut Meringue Sandwich Coconut and vanilla Meringue, with fresh banana, whipped cream, and Chocolate Sauce

Lime Syrup Cake - with vanilla ice cream


Sample Gourmet Island Buffet Menu

$80 per person | MIN 30 pax

* We have three standard buffet menus, most popular is the Muri Feast Buffet Menu below.
Traditional Buffet
Muri Feast (spit roast pig) Buffet
Chefs Special Buffet

Our menus can be tailored if required, and all include a dessert service.

Muri Spit Roast Pork
Roast Chicken
Coconut Chiller Dipper, Apple Sauce
Ika Mata - yellow fin tuna, lime, tomato, cucumber, our traditional favourite
Island style Potato Salad
Couscous and roasted Vegetable Salad
Crispy Coleslaw
Steamed Rice
Rukau(Taro leaves cooked in coconut cream)
Curry Paw Paw Salad
Fresh Bread Selection

Lime Syrup Cake
Bombe Alaska
Whipped Cream
Chocolate sauce
Raspberry Sauce
Sample Finger Food Menu

Your finger food menu could include the following canapes (bite size) items.
Priced on selection (see platters available also).
Vietnamese Chicken Wraps
Rare Roast Beef & Romesco en croute
Smoked Chicken & Apple Salad en croute
BBQ Taro & Kumara Chips with Aioli
Mini Beef Skewers w Chilli Plum Sauce
Mini Chicken Kebabs w Satay Sauce
Curry Octopus Pizzette w Onion Relish Yoghurt
Spiced Fish Wontons with Shoyu
Shrimp and Bacon Kuru Puffs
Buffalo Mozarella & Tomato bites
Ham, brie & cranberry tarts

Platters available (serve 10):  Bread & Dips Platter, Antipasto Platter, Sashimi Platter, Cheese & Fruit Platter

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